We help you assess the best cloud model for your business, private, public or hybrid.

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Zion Computers Pvt. Ltd. offer's services in Web Solutions, Web Hosting for Windows and Linux server, Web Site Application Development, Web site Designing,

Solutions Offerings

Solutions Offerings

With a broad portfolio of Technology Solutions, Zion helps clients to solve business challenges

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Support Services

Support Services

Service is to be experienced. It is a reflection of attitude & commitment. 

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Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Get the technology you need today with Zion Configuration and Deployment Services.

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Zion's  Support Services

Systems & Network Integration, AMC & Multivendor Support, Managed ICT Services, Surveillance Solution, Cloud Computing, Professional Services, Web Application designing

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Deployment Services

Configuration and Deployment Services


For Consumers

Being in the era of online and high-end retail stores, consumers are attracted by freebees and offers to buy IT equipment through these means. But it becomes a challenge to make it work to take full advantage of it or to avail support as and when required. We offer our services to consumers as well for a nominal cost.


For Corporates

Many will find that rolling out new technology solutions is frequently the most challenging aspect for an IT department due to the fact that poorly handled implementations often lead to reduced employee productivity and spiraling costs. Zion understands this and that is why, through years of experience, we have demonstrated the expertise necessary to manage the business and process changes that come along with any IT implementation – large or small. Zion uses solid project management methodologies and real-time, 24x7 communication to ensure that project timelines are met and any unforeseen changes are properly managed.

Make Your Next Implementation Efficient and Hassle-Free

Data centers are the engines that drive every efficient enterprise. That’s why IT departments devote enormous resources to keep servers and storage devices working without interruption, and why network administrators are always looking for new ways to improve performance, uptime and reliability.

That’s also why Zion offers professional Server, Storage and Networking Deployment services. We can install and configure your new data center systems to help you save money, minimize disruption and optimize performance.


Our comprehensive suite of implementation services will get you from purchase order to production faster than you ever thought possible:


Project Management — we provide a single point of contact for comprehensive planning and execution support throughout every stage of the implementation process.

Planning — we fully assess the technical requirements of your environment and create a detailed implementation plan ensuring a fast, surprise-free deployment.

Installation and Configuration — when your hardware is ready to deploy, Dell-certified technicians will integrate, configure and install the products per the implementation plan.

Product Orientation — we provide your IT staff with detailed information about how your new systems and software are designed to operate in your environment, so you can keep your data center running at top efficiency.

Whether you’re adding new equipment to a data center or migrating end users to the newest laptops, upgrading to new systems is a tough task. A slight misstep in integrating hardware and software into your environment can cause major disruptions, data loss, unnecessary expenses and longer-than-expected installation times.

During deployment, our certified technicians follow a proven methodology and apply expert knowledge to lower costs, avoid downtime and reduce installation times.

Simplify the process of taking your organization to the next level. Get the technology you need today with Zion Configuration and Deployment Services.


Some of our focused  deployment services are

• Server, Storage & Networking Deployment

• Application Deployment services

• Antivirus & Security deployment services

• Active Directory Deployment Services
• Setting up of Remote installation Services
• Patch Management services 

Our Services

  • Systems & Network Integration
  • AMC & Multivendor Support
  • Managed ICT Services
  • Surveillance Solution
  • Cloud Computing
  • Professional Services
  • Web Application designing

About Us

Zion Computers Private Limited was formed in 1994 by a group of young professionals with years of experience in the industry. The company has been conceived and promoted as a value driven company. Its corporate office is in New Delhi, and regional offices are in all Metros in India and in Cochin & Riyadh, and support locations all across India.

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